Jan 29, 2012 - House Build    No Comments

Days 110 – 114

This is the week the house gets warm…..and dusty.  The first area to have the blown insulation put in was the attic space.  It looked like tiny bits of newspaper and carpet under felt all mixed together. This has been blown into the attic space to a depth of about 3 foot.

The next area to be attacked was the walls – and boy did they look like they had been attacked.  We walked in to a scene out of Ghostbusters, with bubbling foamy stuff all over the walls.  It took 3 days to have the walls done.  All windows, doors and anything you dont want covered in foam has to be covered up.  Once this has been done they begin spraying the mixture into the walls.  It is 2 chemicals that are sprayed and when they meet they form this yellow foam.  Once dried they then go round with a saw to make the insulation flush with the joists.

On Friday the gyp rock (plasterboard) arrived.  For the upper floors it was craned in through the upstairs window.

The window that was left for the gyprock to come in through has now been put in the right way, sealed and the siding on the outside put on.  The siding on the front of the house has also been finished and we have the base for the deck on the back of the house.

In the gallery for this post you will see a picture that has a red arrow on it.  This was taken from Brule Point, across the water from us.  We drove round to see if we could spot the house – and – we could.


Jan 22, 2012 - Weather    No Comments

Ice skating on the river….

The sun was shining and the sky was blue so we decided that we would go for a walk along the trail.  The temperature outside was about -9, but hey ho.  So off we went down to the Creamery where you can pick up the trail.  Before going on to the trail we thought we would take a look at the river from the deck area behind the farmers market.  Some of you may remember the post about Breakfast at the market and will recall seeing the sunny pictures of the river.  Not quite like that today.  The whole river – well nearly all of it- is completely frozen and covered in a layer of snow.

We stood there for a while trying to work out where the bank stated on the other side when we heard voices.  They were coming from down behind the trees on the bank of the river.  We walked down the ramp to the waters (ice) edge and looked up the river.  And what did we see…… 4 people skating on the river….. They were creating a hockey rink for themselves with a snow shovel.  It was the most bizarre thing.  I thought they must be crazy to do something like that – but they were having a whale of a time.

Not something I will be trying myself.