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Dec 31, 2011 - House Build    No Comments

Days 82 – 86

On boxing day Nick and I went to visit the house thinking that it would be deserted and we could have a good look around – we were wrong.  When we got there we found our contractor on the roof finishing off the shingling.  I could not believe it.  I cannot think of anyone in the UK who – unless they really had to- would work on boxing day.

As well as finishing off the roof this week we also had a delivery of windows and doors.  Afer the windows were delivered the insulation was put onto the outside of the house on the front.  This turned the front of the house blue.  After this was secured the windows were put in.  It made such a difference.  It is starting to look more like a proper house from the outside now, I mean we have a front door 🙂

So that’s it for 2011.  A huge amount of progress has been made on the house, and it has been very exciting to watch. See you in 2012.

Oct 11, 2011 - House Build    No Comments

Day 6

This weekend was Thanksgiving weekend and so we hadn’t been up to the site for a couple of days, thinking that everyone would have been on holiday…… we were wrong.  When we went up this morning we were amazed to see that we had walls in our basement.  Not only did we have walls but we also had frames for windows.  It was looking like a house.

The guys had worked part of the weekend and had made brilliant progress.  When we arrived they were just finishing off the framework for the garage foundations and we were told that the cement trucks were coming in the afternoon.  So we took a few pictures and went back to the village to refuel (lunch) before going back to site for 14.00.

Well it was about 14.30 when we got there.  We found 2 trucks on site, one cement truck and one rig for pumping the cement.  All was quiet though apart from the slow turning of the cement in the truck.  The rig was broken 🙁 It took 6 guys an hour to fix the broken rig and get it functioning again.  At one point there was a man inside the rig trying to unblock it.  The space was so tiny we wondered if he would get back out of it again.  Every so often we would see a hand come out of this little window to get a hammer or some other implement to hit the rig with.

At 15.30 it started to pump and we watched as they filled the garage foundation, the pillar supports for our steps and then the basement walls.  After an hour they were about 2 feet up the inside of the walls – with another 7 feet to go we decided it was probably best to head home.  We also needed to make the most of a clear space behind the car.  With the hour long hold up there were now 3 cement trucks and the rig on site, as well as the contractors vehicles and the fourth truck was due.  Time to make a quick exit.