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Oct 6, 2011 - House Build    No Comments

Day one!

Well, the day has finally arrived… our house build starts :).  It wasn’t the best day weather wise to decide to build as the wind was still howling from the storm and it was sleeting.

We met our builder on site today to decide how high we wanted our main floor level to be and, with that decided he set to work.  Within the hour his digger driver, Terry (the same Terry that did our driveway) had taken off the top soil from the whole house area (and a bit more) and was starting to dig the hole for the basement.  They did all this whilst battling with the weather.   There was the occasional break in the weather and we ventured from inside the car to watch the progress a bit closer.

It is amazing to watch Terry with the digger, he handles it with such precision for such a large machine.  He could take a 1 inch layer off the top of the soil if you asked him to, but I guess that’s what comes with 30 years experience.

Whilst Terry was digging the hole our builder, Jeff, was marking out the locations of the different rooms for the basement.  Together they had half the foundation dug, marked out and leveled by the end of the day (and they only started at 13.00) – just 2 guys.

Its all very exciting seeing the build finally start, knowing that in a few months time there will be a house that we can walk around.