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Feb 19, 2012 - House Build    No Comments

Days 124 – 135

These past 2 weeks have mainly consisted of 3 tasks at the house.  Crack-filling, undercoating and deck laying.

The crack filling was a very time consuming and tedious job for the guys.  Each day you could tell it was becoming more and more laborious.  I imagine it was one of those jobs where the end is never really in sight.  There were so many gyp rock screws to cover up and corners to tidy up….not to mention the joins in the gyp rock.  Not a job I would have liked to have undertaken myself.

After they had finished with the filling they started the undercoat to get ready to take the final colours.

While the builders worked on the inside of the house, Nick and I went to Halifax to choose a fireplace stone.  The stone that we had originally picked we could not have as there were not enough corner sections in the whole of Atlantic Canada.  They were stuck ona boat somewhere with not ETA :(.  Still it wasn’t all bad.  We found another stone that we love – and… it is better than the first one we picked.  As we were in HAlifax we also stopped by the flooring shop and picked up part of the order.  We bought back all of the grout for the tiles, the bars for the top of the tiles and some cartons with something in (not sure what)  The lady at the shop informed us that it was going to take our car plus 2 trips by our builder with his truck to get it all to the house.  We had 2 tons of flooring and supplies to go with it (and that didn’t include the wood for the downstairs).

The following day we took the supplies to the house and found that while we had been in Halifax they had built the deck on the back of the house 🙂  All of the wood that was used for it, Nick and I painted with the waterproofing solution.  It took us a few hours to do but was well worth it.


Feb 5, 2012 - House Build    No Comments

Days 117-121

Things start to slow down a little now with the house build as the work involved takes more time.

This week the gyp rock went up onto the walls.  It took the guys all week to do this as pretty much every surface has to be covered.  All the walls, ceilings, cupboards, stairways – everything except the floors.  The gyp rock first went up in the places where the air conditioning units were to be located.  This meant that these could be put in without having to wait for the rest of the house to be covered.

It was great to see the rooms appearing as the framing was covered.  They seemed to be larger now they were a closed in space.