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Feb 5, 2012 - House Build    No Comments

Days 117-121

Things start to slow down a little now with the house build as the work involved takes more time.

This week the gyp rock went up onto the walls.  It took the guys all week to do this as pretty much every surface has to be covered.  All the walls, ceilings, cupboards, stairways – everything except the floors.  The gyp rock first went up in the places where the air conditioning units were to be located.  This meant that these could be put in without having to wait for the rest of the house to be covered.

It was great to see the rooms appearing as the framing was covered.  They seemed to be larger now they were a closed in space.


Dec 4, 2011 - House Build    No Comments

Days 54 – 58

Well….what a week.  Yet again a huge amount of progress has been made on the house.  The week started off with the heat pipes going in on the main floor.  As you can see from the pictures there will not be a cold spot on the whole floor – which is great cos I hate cold feet.  Whilst the pipes were being laid on the main floor the second storey floor was being put in – ready to have the heat pipes added the next day.  On Wednesday the concrete was poured on the main floor followed by the second floor on Thursday.

Whilst the floor was drying, the contractors responsible for putting in the fireplace came to site and started work.  by the end of the week they had half completed it.

On the Friday we were able to stand on the second floor of the house, and oh my, what a view.  We can see right over the tops of the trees into the bay of Tatamagouche.  We can see the Cobequid mountains out the back and as far as PEI out to the front.   By the end of Friday we not only had the floor in on the second floor, but the framing was up for the external walls.

It was only after the floor had been poured and the framing was up that we spotted a little extra part of the house that we had missed on the plan.  Next to the master bedroom there was a space that was not utilised.  It was about 4 feet wide by 30 feet long.  We decided that this would be great for a storage space and so we asked our builder to put a door in the bedroom so we could access the space.  Just think of all that wasted space had we not seen this when we did.