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Days 103 – 107

Week 3 2012 and things are still moving along at a good pace.  We didn’t go up to the site for a couple of days and when we did venture up there we noticed that there was a yellow – cream strip down the corner of the house by the garage.  I got all excited and said that they must be starting to put the siding up on the house.  We walked around the back only to discover that nearly the whole back side of the house had siding on it 🙂 It looked fab.  The colour was brilliant.  Our original choice of colour had been discontinued so we had to choose again – and I am glad that we did as this is a much better colour.  Really sunny and happy.

Inside the house the first fix plumbing was nearly completed.  Our electrician was running the wiring through for all of the sockets.  You can see it in some of the pictures.  The inspection is due next week so all of the main wiring has to be completed by that point.

Out the back of the house quite a few piles of sand had appeared.  We asked what they were for and were told that it is the bed for the septic tank.  At the moment the ground is too soft for the machinery to go out and dig the hole – they need a few hard frosts to make the ground a bit firmer before they dig.  So the sand is there ready for when that happens.

By end of Friday the siding was starting to go on the front of the house and the blue was quickly disappearing.  I cant say that I will miss the blue colour very much 🙂

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Days 89 – 100

Welcome to 2012.  The start of the New Year means that we are ever closer to moving into our new house.

I have put the last 2 weeks together on one post as they have just flown by and the work that has been done has been mainly inside the house and so there really much for you all to see.  The first job this year was to lay out the internal walls on the second floor.  Once this was done the framing could start.  In just a couple of days we were able to walk around the rooms upstairs and get a feel for their size.

While the framing was happening upstairs we had a couple of teams in the basement working on the Geothermal system and the plumbing.  The heat needs to be switched on in the house to help dry it out before any flooring can be put down. The guys in the basement started to hook up all the pipes onto the permanent manifolds to enable the system to go live 🙂

As well as the framing going on inside – somebody still had to be out side to finish putting the insulation on the back of the house.  It didn’t take long to complete this – I think the cold sped things up a bit.  The back of the house is now blue and ready to take the siding.  Those of you with keen eyesight may notice in the pictures of the back of the house that one of the windows has not been fully installed.  This is so that when the gyp-rock for the walls arrives it can be craned in through the window – saving a lot of time and effort trying to carry each sheet up the stairs.

During the second week of the year we worked with the electrician to place all of lights, power sockets, panels and, of course, the Cat5 sockets.  Apparently no house is complete unless you have 40 of these little things 🙂

By the end of the second week of 2012 we had some lights in place, pipework for plumbing had started to go in, the handles had been put on the doors and, the best bit, we had heat on one floor.  It is now toasty in the basement 🙂