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Cleaning the beast

Obama has a beast, but I’m sure it’s no where near the size and weight of our hire car.

We have a 2012 Ford Explorer which when we picked it up at Alamo had only 44Km on the clock!

Well today it needed a clean, so Michelle – armed with a step ladder and pressure washer went to war with the mud.   Take a look at the gallery to put it into perspective.

(Oh and Nick was very impressed with the gadgets when he first sat in the car – voice control and everything!)

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Test Drive!

Time to get a car!   Nice as the hire car is (see other post), we really need to get our own wheels..

Truro is the nearest large town with a selection of dealerships, so we headed there Monday and today to test drive as many brands as possible.   We drove some real heaps, and saw some lush examples (Chargers, Mustangs – though no good in the snow).

We developed a track around Truro taking in Highway, dirt track, town driving and housing estates.   We started getting funny looks from the kids in the housing estate by the end of the day having driven many different cars past them!