Jan 22, 2012 - Weather    No Comments

Ice skating on the river….

The sun was shining and the sky was blue so we decided that we would go for a walk along the trail.  The temperature outside was about -9, but hey ho.  So off we went down to the Creamery where you can pick up the trail.  Before going on to the trail we thought we would take a look at the river from the deck area behind the farmers market.  Some of you may remember the post about Breakfast at the market and will recall seeing the sunny pictures of the river.  Not quite like that today.  The whole river – well nearly all of it- is completely frozen and covered in a layer of snow.

We stood there for a while trying to work out where the bank stated on the other side when we heard voices.  They were coming from down behind the trees on the bank of the river.  We walked down the ramp to the waters (ice) edge and looked up the river.  And what did we see…… 4 people skating on the river….. They were creating a hockey rink for themselves with a snow shovel.  It was the most bizarre thing.  I thought they must be crazy to do something like that – but they were having a whale of a time.

Not something I will be trying myself.