Nov 10, 2011 - House Build    No Comments

Day 36

We have not had any house construction progress for the last week or so as our builder has been working on his other project.  However, we have had other progress.  We took a drive out to the land today just to have a look, and to our surprise we had power poles installed.  We were not aware that they had been scheduled to go in but there they were.  They looked really good.  I thought that they would be quite intrusive and stand out a lot but they blend in quite well.

We also saw that there was a huge trench that had been dug and filled in.  This was the ground pipes for our Geothermal system.  The trench was 10 feet wide, had been dug to 8 feet deep, and was 625 feet long.  The trench is holding two loops of pipework that will feed the geothermal system and heat the house and the water.  The flow meters for the system have also been installed in the basement.