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Sep 28, 2011 - House Build    No Comments

Well, Well, Well….

Yesterday was a very exciting day – we got to dig for water 🙂 – well not us personally but a very big rig and a couple of guys.

This is the next step in our house build.  We have a driveway, now comes the water.  At 9am 2 trucks turned up at our land to dig our well.  For anyone who has never seen a well being dug it is actually quite fascinating.  We were planning on watching them for a little while and coming back when it was done – we stood there for 2 hours while they drilled into the earth.  A huge drill was attached to lengths of steel and the rig pushed it down into the soil.  It chucked out all of the waste material from the back of the truck – the poor guy keeping the well clear of debris was covered.

The plan was to find water before we hit 100 feet down.  That didn’t happen.  We watched as Brian (the guy running the rig) added another 20ft pole to the drill, then another….then another… we finally hit water at 156 feet down.  Brian tested this by drinking off the shovel he had been digging with – nice.

We weren’t finished there though.  To ensure that your well continues to flow for years to come – they have to drill further down to allow the silt to collect without blocking off your water seam.  So – our well stops at 180 feet down.  We have a really good flow of water – about 15 gallons per minute.