Dec 24, 2011 - House Build    1 Comment

Days 76 – 79

This was a very mixed week weather wise.  It started off with clear blue skies (but still cold) and ended up with a few inches of snow on the ground.  We didn’t go up to the house until the 21st (day 77) and in the day and a half they had been up there, the whole back side of the roof had been sheeted AND shingled.  The chimney end of the house had also been shingled.

Day 78 and the front of the roof had the sheeting in place and the shingles.  The only area left to do was the roof over the garage area.

Then, on day 79, the snow came.  It was so windy and the temperature dropped so much that it became too dangerous to work up on a roof.  So the team went inside the house to work on constructing the roof shape over the breakfast area windows.  This area sticks out of the back of the house (it is shaped like a bay window).  I can’t say that it was that much warmer in the house for them to work as with there being no windows the wind rips through the whole house.  It did however keep them from the snow.