Nov 24, 2011 - Weather    No Comments

Proper Snow

Yesterday (23rd Nov) we woke up to a temperature of -10 outside.  The weather people had said that it was due to snow around lunchtime, but with a temperature of -10 it seemed unlikely.  As the day progressed it did warm slightly.  At 11.30 it was up to -1 – so almost tropical.  And then the flakes came down – only very tiny but they were there.  (why can’t the UK weather people be that accurate 🙂 )

We were up at the house site when it started to snow, the tiny flakes, and by the time we got back to the village it was really coming down.  The weather team had said to expect between 15 and 30 cms and they weren’t wrong.  By 3 o clock that afternoon we had a good 3 inches (maybe a little more) on the ground and the temperature had dropped to minus 5, but it still kept snowing.

Having been told that in Winter you have to get out there and embrace it – enjoy the winter months – we donned 3 layers, a coat, hat, gloves and scarf and went for a walk down the trail.  Given how cold it was (and how much I love the cold…) I actually enjoyed it.  By the time we got back the ends of my hair were full of ice crystals.

Today we went up to the site to see if our builder had managed to get up to the site.  And he had.  There was a fair bit of snow on the drive but he had managed to get his truck through OK.  The snow was pretty deep in places around the site – over the top of my wellies at times.  He told us that it took 2 hours to clear the snow from the inside of the house.  He also had to clear the driveway so as the cement truck could get up there 🙂

Although it is freezing, and you have to wear 5 layers, it is actually very pretty when the snow has fallen.  Some of the views around the area in the snow make you forget just how cold it is out there.