Oct 7, 2011 - House Build    No Comments

Day 2….

And so to Day 2….and better weather than the first day.  When we left site yesterday there was a bit of a hole in the ground but still a fair way to go.  We arrived on the build site this morning at around 11.30 to find that in that morning they had finished digging out the basement, set up the frame work to take the concrete for the foundations and were in the process of making the whole thing level – now that’s fast working.  Oh and they had also dug a 5 foot deep trench approximately 80 feet long to take away the drainage water.

It is amazing at how quickly they have progressed.  Yesterday it was a field – today we can start to see the layout of the house 🙂  We only hung around for 10 minutes as we didn’t want the team to think that we were watching their every move (just most of them 🙂 )

At 15.45 we returned to site just to see how things were progressing, and, they were.  There was a cement truck up on site and the foundation had been poured.  We have a very accurate builder working on our house, he informed us that he had only 1 shovel of cement left from the amount that he had ordered – now there’s knowing your trade.

The gravel was being put into the rest of the foundation by Terry (digger driver). Again it was amazing – he managed to pour the gravel out of the huge bucket on the end of the digger onto the exact spot it was required and only cms from the cement that was setting.  Skill!!!!!!

When we left site today the cement was setting and the rest of the foundation was level.  The trench for the drainage pipes had been finished and half backfilled and all were off for a well earned beer, (I am guessing on this last part but I don’t think I am far off)