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Nov 17, 2011 - General    1 Comment

Dog walk

As some of you may already be aware, I have been helping out a lady that had Labrador puppies, 10 of them.  I first met the puppies when they were 7 weeks old.  At 8 weeks old Nick and I took 2 off them (Rebel and Ebony) to the Labour day parade. (See the Labour day parade post for a couple of pictures of them then).  Over the weeks the puppy numbers became less and less as they found new homes to go to.  There are now just 3 left.  Ebony, Dotty and Rosie.

Today we decided to be brave and we took all 3 of them out for a walk together.  We walked them down the main street to the Trans Canada Trail, along the trail for a while and then back.  I can only imagine what we must have looked like from the back, with leads and dogs everywhere.  The pups are not great at walking in a straight line so we had a lot of crossed leads.  I think they were having a competition between themselves to see who could stay at the front for the longest.

We met Nick’s parents at the trail and shared the load a bit.  As the walk progressed the dogs did calm down a little bit and started to walk nicely together, all of their energy had been walked off :-).


This morning, as we said in our Farmer’s Market post, we came back to the market to have breakfast.  Well it was more like brunch by the time we got there.

I had cheese & onion perogies with bacon and onion on top, served with salsa and sour cream.  Nick had a ‘breakfast bowl’ which consists of bacon, egg, onion and mushrooms all topped with cheese and served with toast.  We sat outside the farmer’s market looking out over the water.  As you will see in the gallery pictures the weather was lovely – looks as though the weather man was right after all.

The breakfasts were really good, although not great for those counting calories.  I would definitely recommend a visit to Deb’s Breakfast Kitchen at the farmers market.